Aug 4-24 McDonald's Request cd and video on sale

Aug 6 TC Awards Filmed in Santa Monica

Aug 8 JC's 24th birthday

August 9, FOX cll Summer Music Mania 2000

Aug 11 McDonald's Releases MiniClip with It's Gonna Be Me

Aug 13 3:30pm 'N Sync: Live from Madison Square Garden 25 HBO re-run

Aug 14 3:00pm Rosie O'Donnell 4 KNBC re-run

Aug 14-18 4:00pm TRL N Sync - FreeLance

Aug 17 MMUSA 9:00pm Ego's & Icons re-run

Aug 18 MMUSA 12:00am Ego's & Icons re-run

Aug 22 FOX 8:00pm Teen Choice Awards 2000

Aug 26 DIS 8:00pm Model Behavior

Sept 2 NBC 11:30pm Sat. Night Live re-run

Sept 4-8 FOX Hollywood Squares : Chris Kirkpatrick

Sept. 7 MTV 8:00pm Radio City Music Hall VMA

Sept 15 - Summer Music Mania on FOX @ 8PM

Oct. 10 - At Home With *NSYNC Home Video

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