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NSYNC has had already had their share of legal matters against their former management under Lou Pearlman in the past. But this time things are different…it’s NSYNC, SFX Ent & MCY.com against some of their fans! They are all faced with a class-action lawsuit from a Chicago-area family. Due to a 7 mile traffic jam on southbound I-53, a mother & her daughter were unable to attend the NSYNC concert in Joliet. This lawsuit claims that NSYNC & it's promoters "over-sold the concert" & ultimately put their fans in danger. The highway was filled with a scene of a long line of cans & many anxious girls getting out of their cars walking miles in the dark along muddy roads to get to the NSYNC concert. Unfortuately, just in time for the last song. NSYNC, promoters of the Route 66 Raceway still have yet to comment on the situation. FOX news reports that if you hold on to your unused ticket for the show, you might be refunded your $50. Now…Who’s really at fault? You decide…but REMEMBER: NSYNC sings, dances & performs at the concert, they don’t direct the traffic or "overbook the concert"…that’s not their job. So why blame NSYNC?


NSYNC was the big winner at the Teen Choice Awards 2000! NSYNC won for Choice Single ("Bye Bye Bye"), Song of the Summer ("It's Gonna Be Me"), Choice Music Video ("It's Gonna Be Me"), Choice Pop Group, & 1 of NSYNC’s members, Justin, got Male Hottie of the Year Award. NSYNC lost 1 of their nominated catagories to BSB for Choice Album (Millennium). Other winners include Britney Spears, Sisqo, Blink 182, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey.


*NSYNC will release a third single, "This I Promise You," from its nine times platinum album No Strings Attached on September 18. The track will be released in English, Spanish ("Yo Te Voy A Amar"), and "Spanglish" versions to all radio formats. This week, *NSYNC is filming the music video for the track in Los Angeles. Pictures of the group recording with the songs' producer can be found on Richard Marx' Official Website:


*NSYNC.com is #1!!
According to exclusive new data from Nielsen//NetRatings, nsync.com has the highest ratings among artist official web sites for unique visitors in the month of July, topping numbers of 800,000. The site, which indicates 1.2 million hits a day, is hosted and created by Media X Corporation.

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